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How to Choose the Fitting Bookcase?

Select The Right Size

Measure the dimensions of your space and think about the rest of your furniture. Minimalist decor in the house doesn’t compliment a chunky wooden bookcase. How many books are you planning on displaying? A library allows for a large showcase bookcase. If you live in a smaller space, a sleek tall bookcase fits best.

Find Your Type

A standard bookcase is best if you just want to show off a couple of accessories and books. It could be open or closed spaced depending on the rest of your decor. A cube bookcase is fantastic for minimalist style as you can easily hide the things that you don’t need behind the added door features. Etagere bookcases are designer styles that are just as decorative as they are functional. They are usually thin and not fit for a large selection of books, but they add a touch of style to any home.

Find The Best Material

Metal, hardwood, plywood, thin layers of wood, iron, or stainless steel – bookcases come in many shapes and forms. The material you choose depends on your style and budget. Solid hardwoods cost more, but the quality is impeccable. Metal bookcases are easier to move around and won’t break the budget. Those that prefer a classic look, but want the convenience should choose the thinner wood materials.

Extra Tips For Picking Your Bookcase

If you like to change things around, find a bookcase with adjustable shelving – you can change things around when you get bored of the same look or adjust them if you have larger items to store. Open bookcases are a great idea for a room divider and easy to clean! Adding doors is a fantastic idea for hiding clutter, try the sliding doors for functionality.

Where To Find The Best Bookcase?

The resources online are unlimited, but Tylko has all types of custom bookcases for your needs: https://tylko.com/shelves/bookcase/.  Pick your style, color, and type of bookcase. The website is user-friendly and there’s an app available. You make decisions every day, so let’s keep these decisions as simple as possible. Besides, who feels like going to the store for a bookcase when you can simply add your dimensions and have the right thing delivered to your house?